Complimentary Support For Everyone

We strive to provide complimentary support to all members of our product community. You do not need to purchase any product to receive support.

Support Options

We provide a series of support options for your convenience:


Our products come with detailed digital user guide documentation.

Application Log Files

Each application of our products has its own text log files.
  • General path of log files: "%appdata%"
  • Log folder: "LogCollector\Logs\"
  • Log file names: "[ApplicationExeName]-[Date].log".

You may look at log files for troublehooting or send us for further analysis of your problem.

Support Center

This is generally the most convenient way of meeting your support needs of:
  • Ask questions
  • Report bugs
  • Request new features

You can open a call ticket on our "Support Center" any time.


You can send email to our support team about your questions: support@yatem.com.tr