Real-time Auditing

Auditing is a big chalange for IT management infrastructures. Thanks to LogCollector, you get in-depth real-time auditing tool.

Requlatory Complience

To comply with the requlatory complience, organizations must must monitor their systems to quickly respond to suspicious changes and to have sufficient evidence for forensic. LogCollector product family provide audit trails to comly with regulations.

Simplified Log Management

LogCollecor simplifies autiting with software solutions. With its science of art technology LogCollector is easy to deploy and easy to use. No burden to your network, to your CPU and your budget.

Why LogCollector?

  1. Easy to deploy
  2. Compatible with all Windows current versions
  3. Powerful query and reporting features
  4. Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds
  5. Runs well on small to very large networks
  6. Best refined log record per single event

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