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Products to Buy

Following products are available for purchase:

LogCollector Event Monitor

"LogCollector Event Monitor" is a software solution for effective monitoring and management of IT infrustructure. For reducing IT costs and increasing productivity in the enterprise business as well as detecting and preventing internal threats, it plays a key role.

LogCollector Active Directory Monitor

"LogCollector Active Directory Monitor", is a software solution for effective monitoring,analyzing and storing Microsoft Windows Active Directory changes. Thus you gain the ability of determining the changes over Active Directory Server(DC) other then your control.

LogCollector File Monitor

"LogCollector File Monitor", is a software solution for effective monitoring,analyzing and storing changes over Microsoft Windows file servers. With "LogCollector File Monitor" reports and alarm mechanism, you will be aware and develop proactive solutions.

LogCollector Print Monitor

"LogCollector Print Monitor", is a software solution that enables you to determine, analyze and record the printer usages at Microsoft Windows Print Servers in near real time. Thus, you can create a secure environment and reduce costs by controlling printing actıvities on Print Servers.


"LogStore", is a software solution that provides real-time awareness of security and availability of your hardware and applications. LogStore collects, consolidates and analyzes logs and events from firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, switches, routers, servers, operating systems and applications.